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Your home deserves to be the focal point of the neighborhood

Our home décor and home improvement products are designed to make your home stand out, giving it YOUR personal touch without breaking the bank. They were crafted to beautify any area of your home, indoors and outdoors. All our products are made from eco-friendly materials.

We believe in “second chances,” therefore all our products are made from refuse materials that were headed for the landfills!

Not only are they strong, UV and moister-resistant but we take great pride in their “beauty!” Each piece is hand-accented to bring out even more details.

eco-friendly materials

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Uniquely Designed º Eco-Friendly º Maintenance Free

You are a unique individual and your home is a reflection of that. We have created products allowing you to show the very uniqueness all around your home and garden.

Dramatic colors and accents as well as high quality and beauty make it easy for you to show your distinct taste.